Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's just a stolen fairytale told by the poser.

Yo, before I start; take a look at the guy who always melts the girl's heart, Taylor Lautner. Bhahaha, ain't he look pretty here ?
Okay, let's move on; I just created a fanfic that was created by me with the help of my super duper imagination (!). And I want you people to give reviews. So here I go.

A picture to go on with the fanfic ;)
He was my childhood sweetheart. I was 6 and he was 7. One day, I was at the park and I fell while on the swing, he just happened to past by at that time and he helped me up. He reached into his pocket and got out a band aid. He opened it and placed it on my boo-boo and kissed it after. That's how it all started, now Im 16 and he's 17. Yesterday he told me he had to leave cause his dad got a new job somewhere. I cried feeling torn apart. He promised me that someday we'd find each other again. I told him it's one promise that he wont be able to keep. He swore that we'd find each other again the same way we met. So everyday I visit at the nearest park and wait. He never came. I waited for 10 years. And one day, just like every other. I was on the swing at the park. Some kids passed by me running, and they accidentally hit me and I fell. I thought that was the moment I'd find him. But no, he wasn't there to help me this time. So, feeling dejected, I went to the nearest hospital to get sewed up. The door opened and a doctor came in, he reached into his pocket and got out a band aid. He opened it and placed it on my wound and kissed it after, then he said " I always keep my promises.

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