Thursday, December 30, 2010


                     But darling; you are the only exception :)
Last post before Im awayy, sighhhhh.
I'll miss my bed, lappie, waking-up late and mostly
Bye awesome world, hello jail, hoorahh ( ?! )

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Close to perfect.

Dear people, I have a confession to be made.
I love my friend. Orange is my friend.
I love orange ? haha, yess its true.
Annoying orange is now my favourite show, wee.

So hello there readers, 2010 will ends only in a couple of days je lagi. So, this saturday I'll go to the hostel, sigh -.-. I'll miss my family. Farah Amalin boleh ! With god will, I can, insyaALLAH. So, tak bleh la nak blogging lagi, haha :D Mesti penat an time duk sane, Like GILA punya penat, haha .

 ugh, gotta go now. Oh, I want this room. So cozy and UNIVERSAL (?!) Haha, I like tis Paris view wallpaper. Adioss.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh, I almost forget.

Hey Hi Hello ! Lets get packing for school! GAWSH, what am I saying ? Hmph, I woke up early today knowing that we're gonna do some shopping ! No, I mean. Shop for school stuffs, Oh this sucks ! I wont be buying a new bag since my old bag still in a good shape. Haha, just new pair of shoes and some book  . Oh wait,  not some, but MANYY -.-, adioss.
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There you go.

Ahh, new look for my bloggie moggie :D
What do you think ? fine then, it's lame.
So yeah, Hello there readers, okayh, I was re-did my blog just now. My brother said ; this blog looks like budak-budak,  grr -.-, fine then. I've change it. TADAA!

I like this constellation backgrounds :)
Till then, budbye :D
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Friday, December 24, 2010

It does nothing.

                               Aww, it's Perry The Platypus :)

Hey, I missed the old times. Lets takes 5 minutes to think about the past. Remember when Converse were the shoes to wear, not Nike. Everybody thinks only sport people wears. Remember ? And Hilary Duff was the teen pop star before the Hannah freaking Montana came. When those zip capri were the hootest pants on guys, not skinnies. Remember when more stuffs in your backpack the cooler you are. Oh ! and tying your sweater on your waist makes you look cooler, not wearing them. Remember when you tying your hair up into ponytail makes you look cute, not thin layers and side bangs. Oh how I miss my innocent smile. Remember when talking with guys were really hard, and when playing tag you would chase when only your crush ? Haha, those were the days, now, everything is complicated, everything is soo alike.

Sigh, I wish I could go back in time.
Till then, Budbye :D
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I grew flowers from my eyes.

                     I dreamt of a really big brick that hit me on
                                         the forehead, ouch.

Let's just talk in my language, haha. So, January tinggal a couple of days je lagi and Im gonna stay in hostel. It's time to be more independent and stop playing around. Plan tak nak nangis2 lagi and ubah perangai, no more main main and guna all the time elok-elok. Jyeah. Sometimes rase cuak bile tahu kena cari new friends. Can I really do it ? Farah Amalin boleh, yess. With god will, I can. InsyaALLAH.  Never say never ! Ecee. So harituu  pg IOI and ade beli justin bieber's album, haha. It includes this BIG BIG poster of justin. Coolio. Till then, adios wagios.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ants in my tummy.

Wake me up when  November ends.
dude, NOVEMBER had ended (!)
Now 2010 almost ends. sighhhh.

Dayyum, it's Disember already ?? only 8 days to go. Sighhh . Today, all the 15 years old people will get their PEE-EMM-RR results babeyh (!). So yeah , congrats to all of them who get the AWESOME results. jyeah ! Haha, I might as well get excited because 2 years from now is my turn. Cheers ! I still remember when I checking-in into tesmal , then POOF ! It's almost end of the year. Whoah , seriously time flies SUPERR fast ! Next year form 2 and la la la , and then form 3, bla bla bla PMR, form 4 after that boom boom boom form 5,SPM  then bye bye to school.. Cool , haha. Can't the time  be much slower ?? Sigh, I don't know what to say. I want to hit the books. Adios people :D
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

cinemax cool (!)

Hello There Readers (!)
Im making some movies review. Haha, so this is the poster. Lame huh? I knoww, just keep on reading. Who knows, you might watch it too.

Okayh, I know this post looks very lame and boring but I just saw this movie in cinemax. At first, I was like ; urgh. Tukar laen ! Then, everyone was like shhh ! Tengok je dulu. Then i shut up my mouth and tengok je lah. Haha. Irrevocably, the movie was amazingly AWESOME ! Hoyeahh, so sweet and funny at the same time and its not the fairytale cinderella you guys usually heard and saw. This is some sort like the real story about cinderella and I love it ! It call Ever After A Cinderella Story. Its an old story. yeah.1998; what do you expect ? Haha, Hah, this cinderella contains nofairytales, pumpkins and etc. It's reality but still in the old english scene where they have castles, balls, kings and prinscesses. They even have Da Vinci, thumbs up! In conclusion, just watch the movie.You'll never regret. Peace out :D. byee !
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I ain't got rythm.

Im bored with post, so im using some pictures instead :)

They need this more than those spongebob t-shirt . Haha ;)
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You can take the future even if you failed.

Haha , while I was typing this, it almost 2.30 a.m. Cool tak ? aha , I drew that :D . So yeah people, I got to go now. Soo soo tired . Adios.
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Just something random.

Snow white in modern day scenario. This lady, Diana Goldstein explores the idea of " happily ever after" and how that's not always the case. Haha , just look at her face. Pity snow white.

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I looked at my blog and there you go.

                                 FRESH NEW START :)

                                                   I re-did my blog , TADAAA ! 
                                                 Simple but pretty enough for me . Haha :)
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Distinguished Mind.

After seing eclipes last month, Im soo in Jacob :)
Seriously . Edward was like ; ignored during the movie , haha .
Hey, come on ! give Taylor chance to shine . kan kan ?

went there with my cousin, Sorfina . I enjoyed the whole day. aha, i've noticed something ; the makeup for the vampires were not as white or thick like they used in Twiligh or new moon. Plus , they switched victoria with someone else. Hmph , the movie was GREAT, just great.ttfn, bye :)

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Boredom came by.

Drawn in Adobe ilustractor Coloured in Adobe photoshop.
Hey , i was bored okay ? By me.
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Lets run away now.

 Amazing small-eyed boy :)

Oh you know how much i dislike (better than hate LOL) korean right? But this, this is different. This guy doesn't sings but he plays guitar by ear. He plays it smoothly with no error at all ! Haha , it's all started when i was watching some random videos on youtube and suddenly this one video caugth up my attention. This guy played River Flows in youtube with a guitar , only god knows how hard  to play that song. kann ? At first before clicking that video, I was like ; aah, what is this freaky korean boy doing ? bajet pro je. Haha. After he started to play, my jaws dropped. See how good he is ?You guys should see his videos. Like NOW! haha . Oh his name is Sungha Jung :). Go searchhh.! Now look down there . See that book ? Haha . I finally done reading it. In conclusion, Nicholas Sparks rocks , jyeah. And guess what ? i can paly guitar now ! wee. Haha.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

I know there's good times beyond that pain.

Heey , it's me again . wee. There's something about that picture that I like .It's kinda captivating for me. Lol . So, now I only have 10 days to go. whoooh.  haha, just think something positive laa :DD . want to know something random ? I like the smell of new mo-neyh ! Haha.

Since it's holiday, there's many cool movies playing at HBO. I just watched Pear Harbour and it was amazing! Like GILA punya best, haha. It's about two bestfriend joined the army and like the same woman. One thing about this movie, is that it's freaking 3 hours and a half ! It was worth a watch .Seriously. The main character Danny is a heartthrob . Soo soo hot. haha . Go watch .I got to go. Oh wait, Bieber has something to say , Lol .

                                         "wanna know someting ? That Danny cant beat this bieber ,okay ? "
                                                                          Adios people .

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Seventeen is awesome.


Hello *olaa* ! :)  I was reading seventeen just now and there's one column  that wrote about do it yourself kinda blog . Then i decide to give it a surf .The blog was super awesome . She made all the stufts by herself and sells it .She made handcrafted such as headbands, keychains and much more .So i read a whole page without blinking my eyes ! bhahahaha ;D i'm just kidding dude. This one post caught up my attention , she founded a way to do fish-eye effect without actually buying the fish eye lens .Confusing right ?Instead of using the lens , she used a door -peephole. You know what is it ?me either, So ,  i decide to find it by using the DICTIONARY , Finally , i know wht's it , you know, the ones they  used on hotel doors .wee :D by using the peep - hole, you just adjust it propely on your current camera lens and snap ! . Go look at it. jyyyeeahhh!


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Saturday, December 11, 2010

when the rice turns into porridge

Hey hi hello . haha , it's the 11th of Disember , can't believe 2010 is going to be over  in 21 days .
awww ! wonder how next year is going to turn out. Probaly hectic since i'll go to SBP next year . SIGH ! i hate it so much  !  I keep on thinking about  next year weather i could stay in hostel for a long time . perhaps so . what's my parents react when i keep crying a whole night thinking about them ! bhahaha :D . well, i must go - on and stay there BAHAGIA-ly :) . jyyeeaah! better than i stucked at home and doing all the chores . Right ? I must left my family behind for my own sake .
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